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We all know that the internet is providing us with an overpowering amount of information. Mdb-consulting is there to help all those companies interested in business relations with developing countries and countries in transition to find the right information. Many oft he institutions mdb-consulting is covering are not only financing institutions but also knowledge banks. Due to their avtivities in developing countries and in countries in transition, due to their offices in countries of operation and due to their experts in many sectors these institutions are not only important for specific projects but also for specific knowledge about different countries, different sectors and the future development in these two areas.

IMF, World Bank and other Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs)

Very frequently the media are reporting on the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the World Bank without distinction. Therefore it is no surprise that the general public and also many companies have no clear idea about the specific functions of these institutions. Although both organisations have been established at the same time before the end of World War II their tasks are very different.

The IMF has the macro-economic task to pursue stable currencies of its member countries. The World Bank and the other MDBs are financing projects to fight poverty in the poorer countries of this world. All these institutions as well as the EIB (European Investment Bank) are called International Finance Institutions (IFI).

For companies there is a market of over 100 bln US$.

With the end of the cold war in 1989 membership in the MDBs became possible on a global scale. This created new dynamics in the MDBs. At the same time information and transparency on projects and on project development have increased dramatically. This increased competition has resulted in better projects.

The annual financing volume of over 100 billion US$ offers dynamic and international active companies interesting business opportunities in less developed countries. MDB activities are mainly in the following sectors: infrastructure, health, environment, investment, social services, capacity and institution building.

In the aftermath oft he financial crises which started in 2008 the demand for financing by the MDBs has strongly increased because access to commercial credits has become much more difficult.