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Dr. Walter Mayr

Andrea Mayr-Falkenberg

Tax consultant and certified public accountant. Andrea Mayr-Falkenberg is active in the area of due diligence, auditing and controlling in connection with projects.

Walter Mayr

For more than 30 years Walter Mayr has been a contact point for Austrian companies to the MDBs. In 1983 he opened the Austrian Foreign Trade office in Washington D.C. with the special task to get Austrian companies involved in projects of the World Bank Group and the Inter American Development Bank. He has been managing the Washington office until 1991. Back in Vienna at the Federal Economic Chamber Walter Mayr has i.a. also been responsible for the MDBs. During this time he has been the official representative of the Federal Economic Chamber for the Austrian Consultant Trust Funds at the MDBs. Since 2003 Walter Mayr is partner in the private company mdb-consulting KG.

Mdb-consulting KG is a management consulting company specializing on MDBs and their projects. The list of clients includes Austrian companies, the Federal Ministry for Finance, the Austrian Development Agency and others.

As expert on the MDBs he has been appointed in 2007as president of the Association operating Austrian International Consultants. He has held this poistion until 2011 when Austrian International Consultants has been completely absorbed by the Federal Economic Chamber of Austria.

Due to his different functions as expert on the MDBs he has been a member of the Austrian delegation to the annual meetings of MDBs on a regular basis.